Coating Line ISOTEX


Coating line ISOTEX

ISOTEX Coating line (otherwise known as PVC fabric coater) is a professional line used to manufacture tarpaulins – specifically to coat materials with PCV. The line is electronically controlled with a simple-to-use control panel. After setting the thickness of the coating of PVC the line distributes it evenly. Coating on both sides of material is also possible. The material is properly stretched to guarantee accurate results. Coating line has 5 furnaces which are used for proper drying of the materials. Each furnace is divided into 4 sections. Each section has 14 heaters. Line uses upper and bottom heaters which allows drying of the material on both sides in ISOTEX coating line. During next step materials go through cooling rollers and we get perfect PVC coating of the materials. Coating line has its own fire protection and the entire ISOTEX line is designed to give accurate results with the simplest possible handling.